Textile Society of America Symposium Proceedings, 2020

I presented a paper on needlework by two of my favorite mid-century modern textile designers.

Read my paper, Between Craft and Design: Lucienne Day and Eszter Haraszty, presented at the 2020 TSA symposium, Hidden Stories/Human Lives. From the abstract:

Lucienne Day and Eszter Haraszty were leaders in both the design and business of mid-century textiles, Day through prominent commissions with Heal Fabrics and other firms in Britain, and Haraszty as director of Knoll’s textile division in the United States. Later, each designer turned from design for commercial production toward needlework-derived textile art, but their attitudes and methods were strikingly different. Both designers’ commercial work is well documented in scholarly design literature (Day’s especially), but their needlework is relatively neglected. This paper will shed deserved light on their textile art at a time when the studio craft movement was solidifying, and will show how their differing attitudes toward needlework reflects the stories they wanted to tell about their own lives, personal and professional, as well as the tension between critical perspectives of “women’s work” as alternatively oppressive or liberating.