EQ6 Keyboard Shortcuts

EQ6 is great quilt-design software, but it’s skimpy on key commands. Download this script to add several useful key commands to the program.


The ZIP file at the bottom of this page containts two versions of EQ6 Keyboard Shortcuts. In general, you only need the stand-alone (EXE) version, which requires no installation and has no other requirements (except EQ6, of course). Use the AHK script instead if you are familiar with AutoHotkey or are interested in the source code.


Start EQ6, then double-click the EQ6 Keyboard Shortcuts file. A green box with an H will appear in the system tray. To toggle shortcuts on and off, press [keycap]Alt[/keycap]+[keycap]Z[/keycap] (when shortcuts are inactive, the H will become an S for “suspend”).


  • [keycap]Alt[/keycap]+[keycap]B[/keycap]: Change to block worktable
  • [keycap]Alt[/keycap]+[keycap]Q[/keycap]: Change to quilt worktable
  • [keycap]Alt[/keycap]+[keycap]N[/keycap]: New horizontal quilt/EasyDraw block (depends on worktable)
  • [keycap]Alt[/keycap]+[keycap]Shift[/keycap]+[keycap]N[/keycap]: New on-point quilt/PatchDraw block
  • [keycap]Ctrl[/keycap]+[keycap]Alt[/keycap]+[keycap]N[/keycap]: New variable point quilt/PatchDraw motif
  • [keycap]P[/keycap]: Print quilt
  • [keycap]Shift[/keycap]+[keycap]P[/keycap]: Print fabric yardage
  • [keycap]Ctrl[/keycap]+[keycap]P[/keycap]: Print block
  • [keycap]Ctrl[/keycap]+[keycap]Shift[/keycap]+[keycap]P[/keycap]: Print templates
  • [keycap]Ctrl[/keycap]+[keycap]Alt[/keycap]+[keycap]P[/keycap]: Print rotary cutting sheet
  • [keycap]Ctrl[/keycap]+[keycap]B[/keycap]: Open Block Library
  • [keycap]Ctrl[/keycap]+[keycap]F[/keycap]: Open Fabric Library
  • [keycap]Ctrl[/keycap]+[keycap]L[/keycap]: Open Layout Library
  • [keycap]+[/keycap] [plus sign on the number pad]: Add block/quilt to sketchbook
  • [keycap]−[/keycap] [minus sign on the number pad]: Show sketchbook (same as F8)

To print this list of shortcuts for your reference, click the printer icon above.


EQ6 Keyboard Shortcuts is free to use and modify. Please retain credit to Feed Dog.