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Viewing & printing digital patterns

Downloadable patterns are in PDF format unless otherwise specified. Whatever your operating system, all you need to open these files is the free Adobe Reader. It’s probably already installed on your computer, but if not, click here to get it.

The files are formatted as 8½×11" pages. To print the pattern sheets from Reader, go to File ⇒ Print, then in the Page Handling section set Page Scaling to None, as shown in the screenshot below (from Adobe Reader 8; other versions may look slightly different). This ensures the patterns will print at an accurate size.



[div class="attention" class2="typo-icon"]Check the sizing of the printout by measuring the test square on the pattern sheet—it should measure 1×1".[/div]

Of course, you can print the instruction pages if you want, or you can save some ink by following them on screen. Just choose the pages you want to print in the Print Range section of the same dialog box.

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